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My First Visit to Schlow Library

To be honest, I’m embarrassed that it took me three years of living in State College, to finally get to the library, especially because I’m a self-proclaimed book worm.  Yes, your classic introvert who often prefers the company of stories and characters to people in real life.  But on a rainy day in State College, you need to change up the routine with kids.  We just did a visit to Discovery Space two days earlier, so it didn’t feel like a good choice, and I had been wanting to go to Schlow…buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut….

But…what about parking?  Turns out there’s a small lot beside the library and a similarly less obvious small lot beneath the library.  Even so, there were a few spaces available, despite our oversized vehicle needed to fit three kids.  And the library validates parking.  So even if you have to park at a larger garage down the block it should be free…

But…will my kids be too loud?  Wrangling three, with the youngest only two, I was concerned about temper tantrums and loud voices, but evidently the Children’s Library is on the main floor (while the Adult Library is on the floor above).  This is much more separation than I envisioned and my kids were in good company with other rambunctious toddlers in the Library.

But…will my kids be entertained long enough to make the trip worthwhile?  It turns out yes.  There is – much to my 6 year old’s pleasure – a computer with games to play.  There was a train table, a lego table, and other play areas for my two and four year old to enjoy as well.  We spent an hour there, and probably could have stayed longer.

Oh, and I was able to complete the application for a library card (which is free btw) online, and have it mailed to me before we ever attended.  The process of checking out the children’s books involved scanning them on a machine.  It really couldn’t have been much easier.

I’ve included some pictures of the experience below obscuring both kids and adults from the pictures for privacy reasons.  Some interesting things I noted.  There are “Discovery Packs” full of themed items that can be checked out together.  There’s also Grab and Go bags with themed items as well.  Puzzles and games can also be checked out, or just played with while you are there and then put away.  There are plenty of kid themed magazines such as Highlights to look at.  There is a music room, and another activity room off the main library.  There are plenty of tables throughout and lounge areas to hang out.

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